Edible and natural biomaterial coating
that extends shelf life of perishable foods

Our biopolymer coating is completely natural. It acts as a biodegradable protective shield that reduces the exchange of gases and water vapor, which are the key decay mechanisms affecting perishable food.
This is an environmentally friendly solution to harmful pesticides and wax coatings.

In addition to it’s natural benefits, our coatings are completely edible, invisible and odorless. It will be like plucking fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the source.





Media Coverage & Publications

Scientific article published on “Nature, Scientific Reports”

Our company

Cambridge Crops is a biotechnology company
focused on agriculture application.


Together with MIT and Tufts University we have developed a novel biomaterial food coating
that can dramatically extend shelf life of perishable foods.

Our edible coating reduces food waste
across the supply chain

Increasing profits for producers and other actors
along the value chain, from farm to fork.


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Nearly 50% of Fruits and Vegetables are lost globally

Two thirds of these losses come from logistical issues in post-harvest storage and transportation due to inefficient methods of food preservation. This has major economic, social and environmental impacts.


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