The coating is a natural, water-based solution that can be sprayed directly on crops.


The coating produces a flavorless and edible film that drastically slows the ripening and spoilage of produce


The technology has been extensively tested on a variety of produce. Initial results were reported in Nature Scientific Reports, displaying the ability to drastically extend shelf life.


Cambridge Crops aims to empower value-chain actors of all sizes, by steering the food supply chain toward more natural, efficient and cost effective solutions.


The coating can dramatically increase shelf life of perishables and thus reduce food loss at every step of the value chain for producers, distributors and consumers. The technology will benefit developed countries as well as developing areas where there is a lack of cold chain infrastructure.


The coating improves fruit’s aesthetics, quality, and taste, which are altered during storage and transportation. It also helps to slow down transpiration and reduce moisture-loss, which affect the vast majority of fruits and vegetables.

The food waste problem

Nearly half of fruits and vegetables are wasted in developing areas.


WFP has also estimated that 795 million people are currently undernourished in the world.
There is clearly a lot of work to be done to remedy this situation. We can start by understanding where this waste is occurring across the supply chain;

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Nearly 50% of Fruits and Vegetables are lost globally. Two thirds of these losses come from logistical issues in post-harvest storage and transportation due to inefficient methods of food preservation. This has major economic, social and environmental impacts.


Cambridge Crops has a solution to combat this issue. Starting right at the beginning of the supply chain, our cost-effective spray will ensure that food stays fresh until it is ready to be eaten.


And the best part about this entirely natural technology is that we can achieve such a dramatic optimization of the supply chain without resorting to harmful pesticides or chemicals, making our food supply better for the consumer and the environment.

Management Team

Adam Behrens PhD


Sezin Yigit PhD

VP of R&D

Scientific Co-founders

Fiorenzo Omenetto PhD

Benedetto Marelli PhD


Livio Valenti

Jacques Grislain

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